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Dr. Xi Yao

Xi Yao received his Ph.D. from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2011, he joined Aizenberg group as a postdoct in Wyss Institute of Bioinspired Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University. His research interests are focused on designing and fabricating bio-inspired intelligent interfacial materials, such as materials of special water and oil wettability, adhesion and transportation. He is also trying to explore industrial applications of these smart materials. He is now leading the dynamic SLIPS projects in the Aizenberg group.

Xi's publications in the Aizenberg group:
Fluorogel Elastomers with Tunable Transparency, Elasticity, Shape- Memory, and Antifouling Properties
X. Yao, S. Dunn, P. Kim, M. Duffy, J. Alvarenga, J. Aizenberg
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed 53 (2014)   pdf
Adaptive fluid-infused porous films with tunable transparency and wettability
X. Yao, Y. Hu, A. Grinthal, T.-S. Wong, L. Mahadevan, J. Aizenberg
Nature Materials 12 (2013)   pdf

Xi's publications in other groups:
Lyophilic Nonwettable Surface Based on an Oil/Water/Air/Solid Four-Phase System
Jun Gao, Xi Yao, Yong Zhao, Lei Jiang
Small 9 (15), 25152519, (2013)  
Superoleophobic Surfaces with Controllable Oil Adhesion and Their Application in Oil Transportation
Xi Yao, Jun Gao, Yanlin Song, Lei Jiang*
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (22), 42704276, (2012)  
Applications of the Bio-inspired Special Wettable Surfaces
Xi Yao, Yanlin Song*, Lei Jiang*
Advanced Materials 23, 719-734, (2011)  
Underwater Oil Capture by a Three-dimensional Network Architectured Organosilane Surface
Meihua Jin,* Jing Wang, Xi Yao, Mingyi Liao, Yong Zhao,* and Lei Jiang
Advanced Materials 23, 2861-2864, (2011)  
Bioinspired ribbed nanoneedles with robust super-hydrophobicity
Xi Yao, Qinwen Chen, Liang Xu, Qikai Li, Yanlin Song, Xuefeng Gao*, David Qu\'e9r\'e9*, Lei Jiang*
Advanced Functional Materials 20, 656-662, (2010)  
Fabrication and Characterization of Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Dynamic Stability
Xi Yao, Liang Xu, Lei Jiang*
Advanced Functional Materials 20, 3343-3349, (2010)  
Recent developments in bio-inspired special wettability
Liu Kesong, Xi Yao, Lei Jiang*
Chemical Society Review 39, 3240-3255, (2010)  
"Water Strider" Legs with a Self-Assembled Coating of Single-Crystalline Nanowires of an Organic Semiconductor
Lang Jiang, Xi Yao, Hongxiang Li, Yanyan Fu, Li Chen, Qing Meng, Wenping Hu,* and Lei Jiang*
Advanced Materials 22, 376-379, (2010)  
Capillary force restoration of droplet on superhydrophobic ribbed nano-needles arrays
Qinwen Chen, Xi Yao, Liang Xu, Qikai Li, Yanlin Song and Lei Jiang*
Soft Matter 6, 2470-2474, (2010)  
Effects of Rugged Nanoprotrusions on the Surface Hydrophobicity and Water Adhesion of Anisotropic Micropatterns
Xuefeng Gao*, Xi Yao, Lei Jiang
Langmuir 23, 4886-4891, (2007)  
The Dry-Style Antifogging Properties of Mosquito Compound Eyes and Artificial Analogues Prepared by Soft Lithography
Xuefeng Gao, Xin Yan, Xi Yao, Liang Xu, Kai Zhang, Junhu Zhang, Bai Yang,* and Lei Jiang*
Advanced Materials 19, 2213-2217, (2007)  

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