Philseok Kim

Philseok Kim

Philseok Kim

Currently at - SLIPS Technologies, Massachusetts, USA -

Current Appointment
Senior Research Scientist, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering (Platform: Adaptive Materials Technology)

Research Areas
1. bio-inspired design and synthesis of soft material-based adaptive and dynamic systems for energy-efficient shading and thermal control for buildings, tunable optics and photonics, and autonomous actuation systems.
2. the control of nucleation and growth of semi-crystalline organic materials on non-planar substrate and multi-functional hierarchical micro/nanostructures for energy and environmental applications.
3. dynamically switched instability-induced surface wrinkles and their use in mechano-responsive optics, adaptive shading, and anti-fouling applications.
4. nanostructured superhydrophobic and slippery surface coatings for ice-repellent surfaces and biomedical devices.

Teaching Experience
Teaching Fellow (Spring 2009), Applied Physics 235 "Chemistry in Materials Science" (Joanna Aizenberg)
Guest Lecturer (2009, 2010, 2012), Applied Physics 235

Awards and honors

Wyss Fellowship, Wyss Institute, Harvard University, 2010

Graduate Student Award (silver), Materials Research Society, 2008

1st Place, Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Symposium, Georgia Tech, 2008

Solvay-COPE Best Poster Award, Georgia Tech, 2007

Solvay-COPE Travel Award, Georgia Tech, 2007

Best Performance Award, LG Chem, Ltd., South Korea 2002

National Teachers Scholarship, Seoul National University, South Korea

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Contact Information

p: (617) 495-2641

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