Infused polymers for cell sheet release


Juthani N, Howell C, Ledoux H, Sotiri I, Kelso S, Kovalenko Y, Tajik A, Vu TL, Lin JJ, Sutton A, et al. Infused polymers for cell sheet release. Scientific Reports. 2016;6 (1) :26109.


Tissue engineering using whole, intact cell sheets has shown promise in many cell-based therapies. However, current systems for the growth and release of these sheets can be expensive to purchase or difficult to fabricate, hindering their widespread use. Here, we describe a new approach to cell sheet release surfaces based on silicone oil-infused polydimethylsiloxane. By coating the surfaces with a layer of fibronectin (FN), we were able to grow mesenchymal stem cells to densities comparable to those of tissue culture polystyrene controls (TCPS). Simple introduction of oil underneath an edge of the sheet caused it to separate from the substrate. Characterization of sheets post-transfer showed that they retain their FN layer and morphology, remain highly viable, and are able to grow and proliferate normally after transfer. We expect that this method of cell sheet growth and detachment may be useful for low-cost, flexible, and customizable production of cellular layers for tissue engineering.


e authors thank Ms. Nadine Haymour and Dr. Michael Aizenberg for important observations and editing assistance, Dr. Jaakko Timonen for the silicone oil dye, Mr. omas Ferrante for microscopy assistance, and Drs. Yevgeny Bruno and Francesco Pasqualini for enlightening discussions. is material is based upon work supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Grant N66001-11-1-4180 and Contract HR0011- 13-C-0025.

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