Ankita Shastri

Ankita Shastri

Graduate Student
Ankita Shastri

I am a graduate student in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department and entered Harvard as a student in Fall 2010. I am originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania but have been around Boston for a while, having graduated from Boston University in Spring 2010 with a degree in Chemistry. I am interested in interdisciplinary research with a variety of applications. While studying at BU, I conducted research in Professor Bjoern Reinhard’s lab, working with artificial lipid bilayer membranes and measuring its diffusional properties. Before working in the Reinhard lab, I also worked for a bit with photocatalytic organic reactions in Professor Corey Stephenson’s lab at BU. Currently in the Aizenberg group, I am working with the actuation of stimuli-responsive hydrogels and its various applications in chemistry, biology, and materials science.

Awards and honors

J. Philip Mason Memorial Award from Boston University 2010

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