Benjamin Hatton

Benjamin Hatton


Dr. Hatton is now a professor at the University of Toronto. More info can be found here.

I have been a technical research fellow in the Wyss Institute for Bio-inspired Engineering at Harvard since 2009, in the Adaptive Architecture platform. I joined Joanna as a post-doc at Bell Labs, NJ, in 2006, and moved to Harvard as a post-doc in 2008. My background is in materials science and engineering, and PhD research (University of Toronto, 2005) was on the mechanical and dielectric properties of nanoporous silica layers by templated surfactant self-assembly.

Currently my research interests are:
(1) novel nanostructures by colloidal co-assembly
(2) control of crystal nucleation on patterned surfaces
(3) prevention of ice nucleation and accumlation on superhydrophobic surfaces
(4) control of bacterial attachment and biofilm formation on structured surfaces
(5) adaptive windows for architectural applications

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