Lidiya Mishchenko

Lidiya Mishchenko

Graduate Student

I am a graduate student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I started the program in 2007 after completing my B.S. in Physics from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. My research interests include self-assembly and wetting phenomena, with an emphasis on templated nucleation and growth of crystals (both colloidal crystals and ice).


1. Fluids identification by chemically patterned inverse opal photonic crystals
2. Microstructured surfaces that prevent ice accumulation

Awards and honors

Department of Homeland Security Graduate Fellowship (2008-11)

James Mill Pierce Fellowship for Graduate Studies, Harvard University (2007-2010)

Outstanding Graduating Senior in Physics, University of Maryland, Baltimore Co. (2007)


"Encoding complex wettability patterns in chemically functionalized 3D photonic crystals" was highlighted in C&EN

"Design of Ice-free Nanostructured Surfaces Based on Repulsion of Impacting Water Droplets" was highlighted in C&EN and Nature Magazine

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