Ling Li

Ling Li

Ling Li

Ling Li obtained his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in National University of Singapore (2008) and MIT (2014), respectively, both in Materials Science and Engineering. As an undergraduate, Ling performed research (with Prof. Junmin Xue and Prof. Jun Ding) on nanomaterial synthesis and self-assembly, particularly with magnetic nanoparticle-based systems. Ling’s PhD research (with Prof. Christine Ortiz) was focused on biomineralized structural materials with special attention to their mechanical and optical properties.

Since June 2014, as a postdoc fellow in Aizenberg group, Ling continues the study of the fundamental mechanical design of a variety of biological material systems and further expands his research interests to bio-inspired synthetic materials by taking the lessons learned from biological systems.

More information can be found in Ling's personal research page.

Awards and honors

2013 Global Fellows Program Fellowship, MIT

2010 Top Prize (with Sisi Ni), MADMEC Competition, MIT

2008 Lijen Industrial Development Medal

2008 Materials Research Society (Singapore) Gold Medal

2005-2008 Dean’s List, NUS

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