Lukas Gerber

Lukas Gerber

Lukas Gerber

Lukas joined Joanna Aizenberg's group in September 2012. He received his BSc degree in Chemical Engineering (2007) and his MSc degree in Chemical and Bioengineering (2009) from ETH Zurich. Since 2009, he worked in the Functional Materials Laboratory headed by Prof. Dr. W.J. Stark at ETH Zurich and received his PhD degree (2012) for the thesis entitled "Novel antibacterial strategies – From smart to living materials".

Lukas's research focuses on bioinspired living materials. Living materials are created by the the artificial incorporation of living microorganisms into polymeric structures. The resulting novel materials bring biological properties to classical consumer-exposed goods, provide surfaces with self-cleaning capability, or can be used in biotechnological production processes.

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Career funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF): Fellowships for prospective researchers, 2012-2013

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