Natalie Nicolas

Natalie Nicolas

SEAS Graduate Student
Natalie Nicolas

Natalie joined the Aizenberg group in 2018 after earning her Bachelors of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT. Her previous research includes a Harvard REU here in the Aizenberg lab developing inverse opal sensors to diagnose neonatal jaundice. During her undergraduate studies at MIT, Natalie did research as part of the Kolle lab on the self-assembly of particles in blue-rayed limpet shells to create structural color and on the production of tunable emulsion microlenses using a microfluidic system. While studying abroad at the University of Oxford, she was a part of the Czernuszka lab and worked on developing a multilayered collagen-based cardiac tissue scaffold. She was also a WAVE fellow in the Faber lab at Caltech focusing on tuning the structure and optical properties of porous polymer-derived ceramics to enable their use for rapid diagnosis of sepsis. 


Nagelberg, S., Zarzar, L.D., Nicolas, N., Subramanian, K., Kalow, J.A., Sresht, V., Blankschtein, D., Barbastathis, G., Kreysing, M., Swager, T.M., Kolle, M., 2017. Reconfigurable and responsive droplet-based compound micro-lenses. Nat. Commun. 8, 14673.

U.S. Patent Office Provisional Application No. 62/488,993: Photonic Crystal Sensors For Diagnosing Or Screening Complex Fluids 


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