Navid Abedzadeh

Navid Abedzadeh

Coop Student
Navid Abedzadeh

Navid is an undergraduate Nanotechnology Engineering student at University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON, Canada). As a part of University of Waterloo’s co-operative education system, he has done internship in Dr. Simarjeet Saini’s Nanophotonics and Integrated Optoelectronics Group at University of Waterloo (2011-2012) and Dr. Thomas Murphy’s Photonics Research Laboratory at University of Maryland (2012-2013).

Navid joined Dr. Joanna Aizenberg’s group at Harvard University as an undergraduate research assistant. He currently works with Dr. Ian Burgess on a study regarding optical properties of porous silica and its applications.

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Navid’s publications:

Colorimetric sensors using nano-patch surface plasmon resonators M Khorasaninejad, Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad, S Mohsen Raeis-Zadeh, Hadi Amarloo, Navid Abedzadeh, Safieddin Safavi-Naeini, Simarjeet Singh Saini
Nanotechnology 24, 355501, (2013).

Color matrix refractive index sensors using coupled vertical silicon nanowire arrays
M Khorasaninejad, N Abedzadeh, J Walia, S Patchett, SS Saini
Nano letters 12, 4228-4234, (2012).

Bunching characteristics of silicon nanowire arrays
M Khorasaninejad, N Abedzadeh, A Singh Jawanda, MP Anantram, S Singh Saini Journal of Applied Physics 111, 044328-044328-5, (2012).

Polarization resolved reflection from ordered vertical silicon nanowire arrays
M Khorasaninejad, N Abedzadeh, J Sun, JN Hilfiker, SS Saini
Optics Letters 37, 2961-2963, (2012).

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