Stuart Dunn

Stuart Dunn

Stuart Dunn

Stuart joined Prof. Joanna Aizenberg’s Group in September 2012. He received his BS in Chemistry from Virginia Tech (2007) where he conducted research under the supervision of Prof. James E. McGrath on proton exchange membranes for fuel cells. Afterward, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was advised by Prof. Joseph M. DeSimone on preparing nanoparticles via PRINT (Particle Replication In Non-wetting Templates) technology for therapeutic applications. In August 2012, Stuart successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled “Shape-Specific Hydrogel Nanoparticles with Defined Composition and Surface Properties for Gene Silencing”, in the Department of Chemistry.

Stuart works as part of the Platform team focused on Adaptive Materials Technologies. His research focuses on SLIPS, specifically the synthesis and functionalization of solid networks for biomedical and high performance applications. The major biomedical application involves development of anti-coagulant surfaces for blood devices.

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