Ximin He

Ximin He

Ximin He

Dr. He is now a professor at Arizona State University. More info can be found here.

Ximin received her PhD from University of Cambridge and joined the Aizenberg group as a postdoctoral research associate in Wyss Institute of Bioinspired Engineering and School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University. Her research interests lie at creating dynamically reconfigurable surfaces that interconvert chemical and mechanical energy and thereby, exhibit adaptive and self-regulating behavior. Biomimetic analogs of mechanochemical systems in nature is being designed to extract meaningful information from a noisy environment, and allow the organisms to respond, adapt and move essentially instantaneously. By designing systems that translate a small-scale input into a large-scale motion and programmable self-organization, it aims at creating new, energy-efficient, environmentally-responsive materials for a variety of applications - from tunable smart surfaces and chemical sensing devices to micropumps and switches for microfluidics systems.

Awards and honors

2013 Harvard Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development

2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad

2009 UK Excellent Young Scientist by the W. Wing Yip & Brothers Bursaries

2006-10 Gates Cambridge Trust Scholarship

2006-10 UK Overseas Research Scholarship

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