Yuhang Hu

Yuhang Hu


Yuhang joined Aizenberg group as a postdoct since October 2011. Her research interest is focused on studying mechanical and transport properties of soft materials such as hydrogels, tissues and cells. She also studies Micro/nano-fabrication techniques of polymeric structures and soft/stiff hybrid structures.

Before joining Aizenberg group Yuhang studied as a PhD student in the group of Professor Zhigang Suo at Harvard University. There she developed a method based on indentation to characterize the poroelasticity of gels and she received her PhD degree in mechanical engineering in Oct. 2011.

Awards and honors

· 1st place poster award at New England Workshop on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures, 2011

· Haythornthwaite Foundation student travel award of ASME, 2010

· Harvard Chen’s Fellowship, 2008

· Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency Gold Medal, 2007

· Wu Shaolin Scholarship, 2004

· Pioneer Award in Mechanics, 2004

· City University of Hong Kong Scholarship, 2003

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