Hierarchical or Not? Effect of the Length Scale and Hierarchy of the Surface Roughness on Omniphobicity of Lubricant-Infused Substrates


This research was supported by the ONR under the awards #N00014-12-1-0962 (fabrication of non- fouling surfaces on various materials), #N00014-12-1-0875 (shear-dependent behavior) and AFOSR under the award #FA9550-09-1-0669-DOD35CAP (optical properties). Part of this work was performed at the Centre for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) at Harvard University, supported under NSF award #ECS- 0335765. We thank Honeywell-Sperian for providing polycarbonate lens samples, FLEXcon for providing aluminized PET sheet samples. We thank Mr Onye Ahanotu for SEM images of sandblasted aluminum and pictures of aluminized plastic films, and Dr Alison Grinthal and Mr Noah McCallum for providing comments on the manuscript.
Last updated on 06/08/2016