New nanofabrication strategies: Inspired by biomineralization

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I would like to acknowledge G. Whitesides from Harvard University and D. Muller from Bell Labs for their contribu- tions to biomimetic crystal engineering; L. Addadi and S. Weiner from the Weizmann Institute of Science, G. Hendler from the L.A. Museum of Natural History, and S. Yang from Bell Labs for their contri- bution to the biomicrolenses project; T. Krupenkin and A. Sidorenko from Bell Labs and P. Fratzl from MPI for their con- tribution to the study of actuation and dynamic structures; and L. Mahadevan from Harvard for his contributions to the study of chiral self-assembly. I would like to thank my postdocs B. Hatton, B. Pokroy, Y. Han, and P. Kim and my former and current students, J. Weaver, S. Kang, L. Zarzar, A. Epstein, L. Mishchenko, M. Persson Gulda, M. Thanawala, L. Wysocky, A. Briseno, C. Sweeney, T. Holmes, and S. Krout.
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