Self-Replenishing Vascularized Fouling-Release Surfaces


Howell C, Vu TL, Lin JJ, Kolle S, Juthani N, Watson E, Weaver JC, Alvarenga J, Aizenberg J. Self-Replenishing Vascularized Fouling-Release Surfaces. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2014.


The authors thank Ron Parsons and Joel Butler at Solix Biosystems for providing the N. oculata cultures, and John Skutnik for the D. salina cultures. The authors also thank Shira Lehmann, Bobak Mosadegh and A. Arias Palomo for technical assistance, Isa DuMond for culture assistance, and Ian Burgess for editorial assistance. The leaf vasculature used for the 3D molds was taken by Jon Sullivan ( and obtained from the public domain at Wikimedia Commons. The information, data, or work presented herein was funded in part by the Office of Naval Research under award no. N00014- 11-1-0641 and by the Advanced Research Projects Agency- â– Energy (ARPA-E) under award no. DE-AR0000326.
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